Friends of TSWS:

The Tri-State Wind Symphony is made possible as a result of the support of many individuals and organizations in our community.  We are grateful for all:

  • Bill and Donna O’Dell:  for the use of their trailer for moving equipment.
  • The University of Dubuque: which makes available the beautiful Heritage Center for our Practice Facility.
  • Dubuques’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs:  Sponsored this year’s concert on Friday August 2.
  • Lois Gordon and family: Sponsoring Concert #1 in memory of Richard (Dick) Gordon who enjoyed playing the Trombone for many years with The Tri-State Wind Symphony.
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church, Dubuque: for providing storage space for music and equipment, making space available for meetings, as well as using the Church for Concerts in the event of rain.


Pat Alspaugh

Corinne and Dick Beutel

Sandy and Dan Bury

Rob Jerome

Barb Deal

Cheryl Farruggia

Bob Fester

Cathy Gallagher

Becky Gillespie

Betsy King Hansen

Susan and Alan Hattel

Clark Hinrichsen

Mark Hinrichsen

Susan Hinrichsen

Connie Krueser

Linda Didier Klinger

Barb Liles

Edee Madsen

Charlie McLauchian

Gayle McRoberts

June and Wayne Siebert

Bob and Sharon Strahlman

Jenny Stoddard

Vern Uvodich

Volunteers:  There are a number of activities that are necessary to organize and set up each concert. This section is to recognize the band members who have signed on to make sure these are fulfilled.